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What she wears is invisible...

This post I needed to share today.... for many reasons. First, it brought me to tears. Actually not tears... a complete bawl. But, in the most wholesome way. I think this hit me on a deeply personal note having almost lost my mother due to illness as well. The inept gratitude I have to a higher being for saving her, the wholehearted grin on my dads face when he catches her laughing, the left over anxiety I am still working through leftover from that period. How many of us are feeling all of these crazy emotions pulling at us in all directions during this global crisis?

Second, I needed to post this today because as these quarantine letters are starting to pile in (thanks everyone!) I have gotten quite a few comments from women saying they don’t know what to write... that they keep rewriting what they have to say... what their originally thought was isn’t good enough anymore.... and I NEED to repeat this louder. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your words are enough. You thoughts are enough. Your voice is enough. Your story is enough! Whatever YOU are and whatever YOU want to say is ENOUGH. A driving force behind this project is to create a space accessible to all women to empower your voice and your story. All women includes YOU! There is no story and no woman too big or too small for #whatwomenwear

All women are enough in just being who they are, whatever that is, end of story.

and Third, I needed to post this today to say thank you. As these letters keep coming in, thank you for being so brave and strong to help yourself and others heal through your words. It has never felt so prominent that we need to stay strong together, comfort each other and encourage each other. Stay well everyone 💗

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