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What Women Wear

To anyone who has ever identified as a woman, this letter is for you.

I am working towards my MFA degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I create art as a response to being a woman as well as draw from the life experiences of the women around me. My work is directed within the fourth wave of american feminism, defined by the #Metoo movement, the representation of women in the media, and the empowerment of all women.

For my project this semester I am looking for letters. Letters from the women in my life, from the women in their lives, and from the women in their lives. Letters that tell the stories of everyday women, living their everyday lives, doing the very best they can to survive in todays’ world.

So, to anyone who has ever identified as a woman, this letter is for you. I want to read your stories, share your stories, learn from your stories, and create from your stories.

Here’s what to do:

You can free write whatever story is flowing through you right now, OR you can respond to this prompt: What do you carry/wear with you everyday as a woman?

Feel free to write more than one response or send more than one letter! This does not have to be formal, it can be handwritten or typed, or whatever you choose!

Then… Share this note with any woman you can think of! My goal is to receive 500 letters by June to hang in my June show.

Please mail your letter to:

Sonja Czekalski

35 Forest Ave


Rhode Island

Your typed or written story and your envelope will be hung on display at Mass Art in June. If you are not comfortable with your name or address being on display in a public art exhibition I ask that you instead write your state or country instead of a return address on the envelope.

Thank you for all of your passion, power, and stories. I am honored to be able to read and work with them.

Rise up ladies!

Sonja Czekalski

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